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University of Amsterdam
NTNU in Trondheim
University of Bergen
Unlimited Snow
Jora Vision
Theo van Leur AP BV
Replikk” magazine
Mount Visual

Owner at Saali-Art AS | 2019—now
Illustrator, concept artist, and graphic designer

Mentee at Bergen Opportunity | 2022—2023
Working with a mentor Aida Cisic-Dizdar (Head of Career Vestland)
on achieving a leading role in Visual Communication in Norway.

Theo van Leur Architectuur Presentaties | 2016—2018
Architecture visualization company in The Netherlands.
Visualizer and graphic designer
• designing layouts, icons, infographics, house–style update
• creating and maintaining libraries of items for illustrated floor plans
• photo–realistic artist’s impressions of architecture - exteriors and interiors
• visualization of floor plans

Jora Vision | 2015
Theme-parks development company in The Netherlands.
Designer and concept artist
• concept design and theming of small and large park attractions (mini–golfs, rides, public areas)
• concept developing: themes and stories of the experiences
• concept art, sketches, and impressions of the ideas
• photo-realistic visualizations
• character design, signage design, area identity design
• print–ready artworks

Jora Vision | 2014
Illustration and design intern
• concept design and theming of small park attractions (such as mini–golfs)
• concept art, sketches, and impressions of the ideas
• photorealistic visualizations

Freelance | 2011—2018
Part-time  illustrator and concept artist

Neboskreb-Munara (Skyscraper) | 2003
Media center for teens in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Volunteer illustrator and video editor
• illustrations for articles in the Magazine
• video editing for a weekly TV program
After Effects
Unreal Engine 4

Master of Visual Communication | 2020—2022
MA thesis focusing on Discursive design, online manipulation tactics, and Virtual Reality
The University of Bergen, KMD (faculty of art, music, and design)
Bergen, Norway
Bachelor of illustration and design | 2011—2015
Willem de Kooning Academie
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Bachelor of fine arts | 2005—2011
Moscow State Regional University
Moscow, Russia

Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Dutch (advanced)
Norwegian (advanced and learning)
BergenUP event “How will we live together in the future?” | August 2022
discussion participant
Idea: to use VR in the process of (innovative) architecture planning and experiments.

Academic seminar “Questioning Immersion”
| June 2022
Speaker at a VR seminar at the University of Bergen
Presentation theme: Immersive manipulation - a new medium to exercise old tricks.
VR Workshop | January 2022
Workshop assistant at the Design Faculty of the University of Bergen
Presentation theme: Spatial methods and possibilities in VR.
ApparatConf | November 2021
Speaker, in collaboration with Sara Westergaard Karlsen
Presentation theme: VR as a medium for design and communication.
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