I am a designer, illustrator, and storyteller with a strong interest in immersive technologies. They are a powerful tool that, combined with a good narrative, has the potential to excite, engage and inspire the audience about the information or knowledge. However, we should not forget that its impact on society will be decided not by the technology itself but by the goals we choose to use it for.
I can create experiences and interactive narratives for virtual reality from a very abstract idea through concept development, ideation, prototyping, and user testing to the final finished product. I can assemble a team of professionals to make an idea become a reality.


Academic seminar “Questioning Immersion” | June 2022
Speaker at a VR seminar at the University of Bergen
Presentation theme: Immersive manipulation - a new medium to exercise old tricks.

VR Workshop | January 2022
Workshop assistant at the Design Faculty of the University of Bergen
Presentation theme: Spatial methods and possibilities in VR.
ApparatConf | November 2021
Speaker, in collaboration with Sara Westergaard Karlsen
Presentation theme: VR as a medium for design and communication.


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