My name is Alisa Rysaeva, Saali Art is my professional nickname. I am a freelance illustrator, designer and visual artist. Currently I live in Bergen, Norway.

My works are a mixture of illustration, design, and infographics. Most of them are based on scientific research. My visual approach appeals to clients from science, editorial, advertising, and gaming fields.
For personal projects, I like to play with the elements of absurdity and fantasy.

Let's work together!
If you would like to work with me or have any questions please write me a note at contact@saali-art.com.
Or just use my contact form.

Some of my clients:
University of Amsterdam
Unlimited Snow
Jora Vision
Theo van Leur Architectuur Presentaties
Bachelor Degree of Illustration and Design
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Bachelor Degree of fine arts
Moscow State Regional University, Russia
For more information, take a look at my CV.
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