VR music arena.

Immersive visual and auditory experience.
I made this project as an experiment of visualizing music in VR. It consists of two conceptual parts. One was to create a space inspired by a music piece, translating the atmosphere of the melody into visual forms. The other part was to visually represent the distinct sounds in the music composition as animations in that space. The main experiment objective was to find out whether visualization makes it easier to hear the melody in its full complexity and whether it will allow hearing both the main theme and all the more subtle sounds it consists of.
• Visualize a music fragment in VR with both space design and sprite animations.
• Produce meshes and 2D graphics for the experience.
• Script the experienced mechanics in Unreal Engine.
• Organize the user experience testing.

The tools used:

• Unreal Engine
• Blender
• Photoshop
• Oculus Quest 2

Experience capture.

Concept sketches of the VR space.

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