A flipbook animation of a little bug to illustrate the process of profiling.
I have done a total of 3 works for issue 53 of Replikk" magazine. This page is about the little bug animation. The other two works you can find here:
Talking to AI Replika
Replikk" cover

Along with creating illustrations, I was also a part of a team of 4 working on the general visual theme of issue number 53. We defined headers' style, color palette, and other unifying elements.

We decided that the issue's topic DIGITAL is best and most concisely reflected in pixelation as a visual effect. Therefore all the illustrations in the issue are either fully or partially pixelated.
The idea of this flipbook animation appeared in the conversation about pixels. At first, we just thought that it might be fun to have a little pixel "walking" around on the pages busy with its little pixely business.


When I started thinking more thoroughly about this wandering pixel idea, I thought that it might be another opportunity to reflect on some of the main topics of the issue: artificial intelligence, digital culture, Big Data, profiling, disbalance of power. Practically all of the topics had something to do with data collection and analysis, which in the case of personal data leads to profiling.

Profiling is the process of collection, cross-referencing, and processing of personal data. As a result of this process, a "profile" is created on each individual internet (social media, app, game) user. For example, it might contain information on the user's political views, psychological state, and physical qualities. Having such a profile, it is possible to predict a person's reactions, for example, on political advertisement banners on social media.

Therefore in this metaphor, the bug represents a user. The black blocks represent moments when a user shares personal information (posts something on social media, reacts to a pop-up message, visits a data collecting website, etc.) And the square field represents the data package. The package evolves each time new data comes in. The more data it gets, the clearer and more detailed becomes the bug's profile.
• Understand the general topics that the magazine issue presents.
• Find a red thread between these topics.
• Use it to create a concept of a flipbook animation.
• Create the final frames.
• Prepare the pictures for a designer to be able to put them into the magazine's layout.

• Adobe Photoshop

Take a look at the other two works for Replikk".

Talking to AI Replika

Replikk" cover

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