Infographic poster showing the beauty of sign language.
This infographic poster design demonstrates the beautiful and concise nature of sign languages.
In sign language, a surprising amount of information can be expressed simultaneously. Using the hands, the body, and the face in parallel, the signer can show several actions, feelings, and perspectives. 
Recreated from a story in Russian Sign Language, this sign manages to communicate five different elements of it in just one movement. The sign's translation is: "They (my friends) saw that I was pregnant, and they were happy about it."
Based on the client's reference materials, I have made an illustration of a signer as a central element of the composition. The facial expression, body movement, hand gestures, and gaze direction are all essential grammatical elements of communication in the sign language. So my task here was to be careful and precise in showing them and also make sure that it is they that catch the viewer's eye first.
This picture contains a lot of information, so one of my tasks was to shape the data into a well-defined hierarchical system. Where the sign and the title are the main focus, the icons are the next element, and the textual components remain for those viewers who are already hooked and want to know more.
If you are interested in sign languages and want to read more about the research on them, you are welcome to visit the researcher's website:
• Based on the client's brief, divide information into a clear hierarchy that serves the purpose of communicating the main idea.
• Make an illustration of a person showing a sign. Make sure that the sign reads clearly, and all its elements are correct.
• Create a system of icons suitable in style and meaning.
• Design a square poster, putting all the ingredients (illustration, icons, and text) together.
A set of icons to the poster about the beauty of sign language.
Infographic poster showing the beauty of sign language. Interior mockup.
Signer character for the Infographic poster about the sign language.
Color palette for the infographic poster about sign language.
Sketch for the infographic poster about sign language.

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