Love chemistry project branding. Set of mock-ups of paper and digital publishing products.
This project is a visual presentation of a research on the chemical processes of love.
Based on the research of Helen Fisher and Lucy L. Brown, this project shows that science can analyze and explain even such complicated subjects as love. My illustrative infographic suggests that the beauty of love is not in the mystery of it but in the knowledge of its chemical system.
Having this in mind, I have chosen several notions to work with:
- Seven chemical elements.
- Three processes that they are involved in: lust (estrogen and testosterone), attraction (dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin), and attachment (oxytocin and vasopressin).
- Two general notions: science and love.
I have shown the elements by drawing them as chemistry lab jars Their shapes illustrate their critical functions in the process of love. The ornaments behind the jars symbolize the processes. The general notion of love is in the general romantic look of the composition and the soft character of lines. And the general 'science' notion is shown through the lab jars.
Read more about this project:
- Find a detailed description of the illustration process in my Instagram, #SaaliArt_lovechemistry
- Read my article about love and science on LinkedIn.
- And here is the original research.
• Create visuals to represent the main idea of the project.
• Make a digital booklet with short explanatory texts describing the research in general and each of the chemicals separately.
• Make layouts for digital publishing.
• Make layouts for several print products.
Love chemistry project, background decorations composition.
Love chemistry project, infographic poster design.

Infographic poster design.

Love chemistry project, layout for digital publications.

Layout for digital publishing.

Love chemistry project, rough sketch of the poster.
Love chemistry project, final sketch of the poster.

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