Bureaucracy tower illustration. Poster mockup.
I made this isometric vector artwork as a personal project and a reflection on the senselessness of bureaucracy.
This picture was born out of my curiosity towards isometric vector illustration. I was charmed by its straightforward perspective. I dived into exploring isometry to broaden my artistic horizons. Originally this illustration was designed to be a poster and my portfolio piece. But it has also served me as an exploration and education playground.
I chose the topic of bureaucracy because, at that moment, my family and I were moving to another country, and we were rather horrified of all the bureaucratic hurdles that this process entailed. Bureaucracy is depicted through chaotic architectural structures sitting on top of each other, strange activities, and smog as a result.
I am proud to add that this project was chosen out of 4,300+ entries to be among those 500 on the longlist of the World Illustration Awards 2020. Take a look at it on the AOI's website: https://theaoi.com/wia/?work=saali-art-bureaucracy-tower
• Learn the principles of isometric perspective.
• Optimize the technical process in Adobe Illustrator (using isometry-specific scripts and actions) to make the process time-effective.
• Find the right visuals to show bureaucracy. Choose appropriate composition, format and color palette.
• Prepare for print.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Drawing process.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Top part crop.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Middle part crop.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Bottom part crop.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Statue detail.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Train detail.
Bureaucracy tower illustration. Human characters.

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