This project is in development right now.
In terms of concept, "Get it if you can" is a visualization of manipulation tricks used online (specifically - the Dark Patterns). The player is a space traveler whose task is to search the station and find the Dust that can create life on any planet before running out of oxygen. The station tries to trick the traveler into spending oxygen one way or another.
The tricks in the game are based on the Dark Patterns principles and presented in the game as interactive items, space elements, obstacles, traps, and puzzles.
The game is supposed to last from 7 to 15 minutes (the length depends on how experienced a player is in VR and computer games).
In order to be able to realize such a complex project I have assembles a team of 3 IT specialists and a music composer, leaving me as a project lead and the assets producer.

The software we are using:
• Blender
• Unreal Engine
• Illustrator and Photoshop (for concept art and visual communication)
• Miro (for concept development and team collaboration)
• GitHub Desctop (for working simultaneously in one project)
• Trello (for process organization)
• Oculus Quest 2

• Come up with a concept of a VR game illustrating the principles of Dark Patterns.
• Write a scenario for the game, communicate it to the team.
• Produce assets and graphics for the game: UI, environment, textures, etc.
• Create concept art for idea visualization and communicating with the team.
• Coordinate a smooth collaboration process within the team.
• Conduct user experience testing of the game.

First concept drafts

Final game scenario, interaction, concept, and storytelling maps.

Color concept of the first 2 rooms of the game.

Main actors and elements of the game and their color coding and palette.

Second game environment and locomotion test in VR.

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